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Booking procedure

  1. Please register as a user, via the online booking system. Note instructions below:
    UCT and non-UCT user registration image 1
    UCT user registration image 2

    A registration confirmation email will be sent to you.

  2. You may now make a booking via the online booking system. Please indicate your preferred dates, number of slides to be scanned and whether online storage is required. There is a base cost of R12.50 per slide scanned. The cost may be more for technically challenging and poorly prepared slides. Optional online storage of slides (so that they are viewable via a web browser) will cost R1.00 per slide, per month. The only exemption is for slides used in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education at UCT.
  3. Please complete the Olympus VS120 slide loader template.
  4. Bring your slides and Olympus VS120 slide loader template to the UCT Pathology Learning Centre. A qualified operator will digitise your slides at the required resolution. (Due to the high acquisition cost of the equipment, only qualified operators are allowed to to operate the Olympus VS120) 
  5. You will be notified once the slided have been scanned and an invoice will be sent to you. Slides will be uploaded to an online database if remote access is required.
  6. View your digital slides using one of the methods below:
    Download the Olympus OlyVIA 2.9 Slide Viewing Software for slides that are saved on your PC's hard drive.
    Login to one of our online slide databases using your assigned credentials. (No additional software required, but please use a modern web browser, e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge.)