OlyVIA 2.9 virtual microscope slide viewing software download  Olympus VS120 slide loader template download MS Excel file

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Procedures for use

Procedures for making use of the virtual microscope:

  1. Make a booking, using the online booking form
  2. Fill in the slide properties spreadsheet using the MS Excel template, which can be found here.  Please remember to bring this file with you when scanning slides.(Or email it to this address:
  3. Bring your slides to the Pathology Learning Centre. (Map and contact details can be found on the contact page)
  4. One of the three authorised Olympus VS120 operators will digitise your slides at the required resolution. (Due to the high acquisition cost of the equipment, only qualified operators are allowed to to operate the Olympus VS120) 
  5. Slides will be uploaded to an online database if remote access is required.
  6. Pay. (Use of the virtual microscope is free for UCT academic research, but use of the equipment for commercial research is charged for. Costs are available here)
  7. View your digital slides, using one of the methods below: